Ideation Hub Africa is a social impact incubator providing early-stage social entrepreneurs and non-profit professionals with experiential education, enterprise incubation, growth advisory and collaborative platforms to start, scale and sustain their big ideas for changing Africa.

We catalyze the work of resilient change-makers and visionaries who envision a better continent, by equipping them with the tools, knowledge, network and opportunities to boldly execute their mission. We bring together diverse groups of non-profit professionals and social innovators across education, healthcare, the arts, economic development, gender advocacy etc. to think, talk, try out new things and team up for greater impact.

Through our LEARN-LEAN-LEAP approach, we offer our clients best-practice strategies for understanding wicked problems, building workable business models, attracting great talent, leveraging technology rapidly and moving from idea-stage to scale. We integrate structured mentorship, peer-based learning, start-up support and robust course-work into our transformative methodology.

Our Initiatives include

a. Social Profit School
b. Mentorship Immersion
c. Development Dialogue
d. ED’s Forum
e. Development Careers in Nigeria

Be a part of us. Join the Hub. Volunteer, Sign up for a Program, Donate, Sponsor. Find out more at,, +2348131154283