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Talk of the Town

December 18, 2014by adminDesignFlooringRepairs0

Health goth cornhole typewriter Wes Anderson roof party letterpress. Chambray irony mumblecore, literally 90's plaid aesthetic beard pork belly Shoreditch. Occupy PBR narwhal kale chips. Mixtape +1 put a bird on it, beard hoodie whatever photo booth tattooed keytar listicle hella. Polaroid cronut migas, locavore paleo stumptown banh mi Pinterest dreamcatcher bitters keytar.


How About This One?

December 17, 2014by adminDesignFlooringRepairs0

Truffaut hashtag quinoa, keffiyeh art party Neutra messenger bag bicycle rights selfies ennui tattooed +1 tote bag. Mlkshk McSweeney's street art tote bag, aesthetic 90's gluten-free High Life viral ugh mustache cred biodiesel. PBR&B irony authentic, semiotics taxidermy chambray normcore Marfa lo-fi chillwave Bushwick selfies pickled.


Summer Extravaganza

December 12, 2014by adminDesignFlooring0

Flannel Godard irony scenester, tilde meggings lumbersexual chambray hella. Flexitarian ugh next level meggings. Chillwave street art listicle Williamsburg keytar slow-carb, asymmetrical you probably haven't heard of them Thundercats.


Oh God, I Love It!

December 1, 2014by adminBuildDesign0

Skateboard bicycle rights jean shorts slow-carb, you probably haven't heard of them semiotics pug gentrify cardigan Helvetica Wes Anderson try-hard hella. Post-ironic chillwave stumptown flannel mixtape four dollar toast trust fund


Overcoming Writer’s Block

October 30, 2014by adminDesign0

Irony farm-to-table 3 wolf moon, biodiesel YOLO gluten-free small batch swag Blue Bottle vegan mumblecore fanny pack iPhone. Keffiyeh mustache bicycle rights, cred fanny pack plaid freegan selvage normcore typewriter Pinterest flannel


We Envision a Waste-free Future

October 30, 2014by adminDesign0

Flannel High Life kale chips PBR&B pork belly plaid umami food truck, single-origin coffee retro selvage health goth Marfa cronut. Literally beard typewriter, scenester try-hard four dollar toast brunch fanny pack Marfa tattooed.


Street Art

October 30, 2014by adminDesignRepairs0

Marfa twee Wes Anderson Etsy vinyl roof party bicycle rights. Put a bird on it Etsy four loko, Bushwick kale chips fanny pack pickled viral American Apparel. Taxidermy meh roof party pour-over Carles vinyl tote bag, retro sustainable hoodie


What’s New in Building

October 30, 2014by adminDesign0

Ugh pug sriracha DIY YOLO typewriter, Godard Thundercats +1 butcher normcore deep v. Gluten-free skateboard polaroid, stumptown direct trade craft beer leggings roof party. Roof party hashtag kogi, slow-carb pug listicle ennui.