I came in contact with Ideation Hub Africa in 2015, and that had been one of the hallmarks and turning point of my growth in the development sector. Ideation Hub Africa connected me with like minds, as well as provided me with networks, tools and resources to accelerate my impact in catalyzing social change

Atlas Corps Fellow, African Union Commission Youth Hero, Finalist – Nonprofiteer of the Year (Young Nonprofit Professionals Network, New York)

Ideation Hub Africa’s initiatives helps me stay informed and connected with veterans as well as new and emerging organizations and individuals working in the international development space. Even though I have been working in the industry throughout my career, it’s rapidly growing with lots of young people showing interest. This is definitely a positive thing.

Development/Impact Investment Consultant and Founder, Third Sector Development


When you work in the development sector, the journey can seem lonely, but Ideation Hub Africa opened me up to a community of changemakers across Nigeria. At your Dialogue, I was also opened up to key skills needed to move my industry forward as well as the development sector

CEO, SeSeWa Support Services



During an Ideation Hub Africa event I attended, Adekunbi Adeoye of Sesewa saíd she was grateful she didn’t get grants during the first few years of starting her social enterprise. She said not having money made her learn how to THINK! This statement opened me up to a whole new kind of reasoning.

Founder, Teach to Lead Initiative, Nigeria



Ideation Hub Africa’s events are quite inspiring and informative. I met new colleagues in the development space and brainstormed on ways to improve the third sector. The Strategy Sessions also helped refine my thinking process for solving problems

Founder, AFDEC


Ideation Hub Africa has made a whole lot of difference for my organization and our projects. Your events have helped me acquire practical and workable skills to scale up my enterprise and implement my projects better. I also enjoy the valuable opportunity to rub minds with top professionals and social entrepreneurs across diverse impact areas.

Founder, Potters’ Africa Inc.


Running an NGO can be challenging for anyone, especially when it comes to finding the balance of it being a nonprofit but at the same time having to run it like a business by putting proper structure in place. Your platforms are interesting and eye-opening as it lets me hear others share their experience running a nonprofit

Founding Executive Director, Sickle Advocacy and Mgt Initiative




Attending Ideation Hub Africa’s Dialogue helped me learn how to nurture innovation from an early stage, how to break boundaries/limitations as well as strike and maximize partnerships. A phenomenal statement that hasn’t left me since then is “STOP SEEKING PERMISSION AND VALIDATION TO DO WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO!

Lead Facilitator, Quints Diction and Social Polish Academy